My 6 Point Plan

Deliver effective & visible policing

By funding at least 100 extra police officers – having already successfully campaigned for more community police officers.

Tackle Burglaries

My recent survey told me people want burglars caught. I will provide resources to follow-up EVERY home burglary and target prolific burglars.

Safer communities

We need to make Wiltshire and Swindon places where criminals fear being caught – with more proactive policing of serious and prolific offenders.

Prevent crime

By helping to divert people from a path leading to a life of crime, with greater emphasis on intervention and rehabilitation.

Leading partnership working

Bringing together the police, volunteers and community groups to prevent crime and improve life chances.

More care for vicitms

My survey showed that people want more resources to protect children, victims and the vulnerable. Your priority will be my priority.

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