About PCCs

PCCs were created to replace Police Authorities that were seen as outdated, lacking in real scrutiny of the performance of Chief Constables and not accountable to the public.

PCCs give communities a voice in local policing and are directly answerable to the electorate. You vote them in, and if you don’t like what they do, you can vote them out.

PCCs use their mandate from the public to ensure local policing priorities reflect what people want. Conservative PCCs are able to work with Ministers to cut crime and make out communities safer.

Jonathon Seed is the only candidate in this election with:

  • Experience of holding senior officers to account
  • Experience of overseeing multimillion-pound budgets
  • Experience of input into national policy
  • Established working relationships with Government Ministers and local MPs
  • Established links with local authorities and partner organisations
  • Established record of getting things done as a senior military officer, in business and as a community leader

Action for Wiltshire

VISABLE POLICING – Residents tell me that they rarely see police in their locality. This needs to change. I am committed to making our police more visible in our communities as an urgent priority. This will include a regular local police contact session for all residents.  

EFFECTIVE POLICING – Our police need the resources and support to tackle county lines drug gangs and violent crime, including the scourge of knife crime that is affecting our community. I will take the fight for the funding needed to deliver effective policing in Wiltshire to the heart of government.

ROBUST POLICING – I want to make Swindon and Wiltshire a place where criminals live in fear of being caught. That can only happen by giving our police the resources, tools and support to tackle crime in a robust way. This will include tackling county lines drug dealing.

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