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My policy on offensive correspondence including via email and social media 

I value the interaction, engagement and immediacy that modern communication tools bring, and I use email, Facebook, twitter and Instagram as part of my campaigning. Sadly I, and other people in the public eye, have experienced aggressive, threatening, unpleasant and personally offensive emails, messages and posts. I value constructive challenge and welcome debate and discussion, and I also value courtesy and try at all times to treat others as I would wish to be treated, irrespective of political beliefs and differing views and opinions that we may have. Consequently, I reserve the right not to respond to messages and posts that I or my staff interpret as rude, offensive or just plain nasty. This may mean that the sender is added to my blocked list and posts removed that have offensive language or are not suitable for viewing by the general public. 

As a result of the increase in offensive and hurtful behaviour aimed at people in the political world, particularly ‘trolling’ and deliberate attempts to offend and cause upset, it is my policy not to engage with anonymous accounts or people who hide their identity in order that they can be unpleasant, and to refer immediately to the police and/or other relevant authority, professional body or organisation any material I am, or my staff are sent that may fail a test of reasonableness.

Press Release

Jonathon has been selected to stand as the Conservative candidate in the Police & Crime Commissioner election in 2020. 

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Meeting with the Prime Minister & Home Secretary

Jonathon meets the Home Secretary in CCHQ and the Prime Minister in No 10

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