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Operational policing is not a matter for the PCC but for the Chief Constable and I will fight hard for Wiltshire Police to be properly resourced to police all crime, including rural crime.

There is always a lot of interest at PCC election times in how hunting, fishing and shooting are policed, as well as hare coursing, badger baiting, poaching, lamping and livestock rustling. Often this interest comes from people who are from outside of the area rather than from local residents, but it all needs to be responded to.

Although specific policing of illegal activity is an operational matter for the Chief Constable, I obviously have an interest as a candidate for PCC, and as a member of a rural community and my experience of countryside matters. You may know that I was previously a Hunt Master in Wiltshire and spent several years trail hunting entirely legally under the restrictions of the Hunting Act.  I stepped down from my role in 2013. It is a topic, much like Brexit, that divides communities and families, not just people who live in the countryside and people who live in towns who may have different experiences of the countryside.

In 2012 I was accused by the RSPCA of breaking the hunting act. No action was taken by the police or the CPS because there was no evidence that I had broken any law, however despite there being no evidence, the RSPCA took a private prosecution, which also failed as there was no evidence. I understand that the RSPCA spent almost £70,000 of their charity funds on this unnecessary private prosecution, money that could have perhaps been better spent on the animals they do such amazing work with to rescue and care for. Despite no prosecution coming to fruition, this does not stop speculation and commentary on social and mainstream media and the rewriting of the facts about my treatment of animals. For example, I have never been accused, charged or convicted of anything to do with badgers or their setts, yet it is being suggested by a vocal minority on line that I have.

I have lived in rural Wiltshire for thirty years. My family and I have a small holding where we breed sheep, horses, chickens and ducks, and grow our own fruit and vegetables.   I also own woodland and am heavily involved in woodland conservation. I have many friends who farm our countryside and agriculture remains the backbone of our local economy. I enjoy being part of a rural community as much as I enjoyed studying in a big city when I was younger and living in different parts of the world as part of my military service. 

I am more than prepared to be challenged, and challenged robustly, on my experiences and decisions that I have made. It is however important to focus on facts and I hope that as other candidates come forward in the run up to the PCC election next year that we are able to undertake campaigns that are not propped up by online trolling from out of our area, peddling lies and half-truths that are hosted on legitimate political Facebook pages, websites and via twitter endorsements.

I do not intend to be distracted from campaigning to get a fairer funding formula for Wiltshire Police from the government, campaigning to get more visible, robust and effective policing into Wiltshire and Swindon, and championing the work of the frontline officers and staff who will put their lives on the line to protect us from harm and who step up to meet the challenges in our urban and rural areas 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.


  • Policing of all illegal activity is the responsibility of the Chief Constable and not the PCC
  • Jonathon Seed has never been involved in any illegal countryside activities
  • Jonathon Seed has never so much as put a spade into any animal habitat
  • Jonathon Seed has never had any prosecution brought to a court concerning any countryside matters and neither has he ever been arrested in connection with any investigations into countryside matters
  • Millions of people in this country engage in perfectly legal fishing, hunting and shooting pastimes and should not be demonised and bullied by a small but vocal minority who do not approve of these pastimes
  • It is utterly irrelevant to the vast majority of the electorate whether or not a political candidate had a lawful interest in country sports along with millions of other law-abiding people
  • Jonathon Seed no longer trail hunts, and no longer keeps a horse
  • Jonathon Seed values challenge and debate but reserves the right not to respond to messages and posts that he or his staff interpret as rude, offensive or threatening
  • Jonathon Seed will not be distracted from his PCC campaign by a vocal minority of animal rights extremists and cyber bullies
  • The role of PCC is not one that can be used to interfere with operational policing

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Jonathon has been selected to stand as the Conservative candidate in the Police & Crime Commissioner election in 2020. 

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Jonathon meets the Home Secretary in CCHQ and the Prime Minister in No 10

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